The Pantalones
February 29, 2012

Check this out:

In honor of the leap year (day?), Land’s End Canvas is doing a promotion which leaves all of their shirts and pants at $29. If you’re on the college ramen budget, or just strapped for cash, this is definitely the place you want to hit today. Land’s End Canvas is obviously not the highest quality, but they make a solid product. I have a couple pairs of the chinos myself. I would recommend the Heritage Oxford Shirt and the Refined or Vintage Slim-Fit Chinos.

Female followers:

They are offering the same discounts for women’s apparel too.

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  2. slsterling said: yeah but none of the women’s options were nice enough to make me pull out the plastic :( so far i’m unimpressed with their spring line for women, veryyyy disappointed.
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    Yeah, definitely check out their Chinos. I have several pair, and they are definitely solid.
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