The Pantalones
February 29, 2012

After getting some requests and feed back from some of my followers, I’ve decided to post some of the graphic design work on which I am currently working. I’m going to start a design blog sometime soon, so look out for that too. Here you go:

This is a series of pieces that I am currently designing for one of my classes, and they are just about done. The series is called Last Night Was Mad Real, and it is essentially a declaration of love and tribute to my friends. It is a combination of text (based on real personal events) and photographs (of my friends) that expresses the essence of a crazy night of bonding and intoxicated foolishness. This series really makes me happy, and even though you don’t know any of my friends or any of the stories, I hope you can take some pleasure from it too. Also: black and white > everything else.

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    These were done by a friend of a friend of a friend (literally). His men’s wear blog is dope and apparently so is his...
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