The Pantalones
May 1, 2012

capnraccoon said: I'm looking at getting myself a nice pair of British brogues, I picked up a cheap pair about a year back but they need re-heeling and I want an excuse to spend money on a pair of Brogues, also moving to China for half a year so I want some presentable/new so that they've got a little duration in them. Looking into Barkers, specifically their Cambridge suede blue/brown calf ones, opinions? :D I'd link, but Tumblr ask boxes are a bit pants, so I can't.

That’s a little much for me. I couldn’t pull them off. I would personally go for a solid brown brogue, like the Burwood from Church’s. 

Also, something you want to think about is what you already have. If you’ve got a pair of brown cap toes, wingtips, brogues, etc. you may want a flashier pair. However, you don’t want to buy a pair with minimal versatility and be stuck with only that.

That being said, it’s your personal style, so my opinion on styling isn’t that important. Barker makes a good shoe, so if it’s your style, I’d go for it. 

  1. capnraccoon said: Cheers for answering; I’ve currently only got a light/pale blue leather pair of wingtips, so I wanted to spice it up a little, I do however love Church’s so I might go for something by them.
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