The Pantalones
November 18, 2012

Anonymous said: Top 10 menswear bloggers(Tumblr), who do you admire the most?

These are the ten menswear guys on Tumblr that I respect/admire the most. They’re not on this list because they have successful blogs (they all do) but because they’ve been good people to me. I respect their character and personalities, as well as their style. If you’re an asshole, I don’t care if you’re the most stylish man in the world with the greatest blog ever. These are good dudes:

  1. sartorialdoctrine said: thanks a lot man, i appreciate it! :) <3
  2. jhilla said: The man
  3. four-thirds said: preach.
  4. sirfenimore said: Much love on the shoutout, homie.
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