The Pantalones
January 2, 2013

Anonymous said: "Collar" anon here. Thanks for the advice, but, gah, that's so frustrating! These shirts were my first classier menswear purchase, so I don't actually have a tailor yet. Any advice on finding a good tailor? I've googled tailors in my area, but they seem like mostly dry cleaners who do tailoring on the side. I certainly don't want to spend $20-30 to ruin a $60 shirt, but I will happily spend money for quality work.

Yeah man. It’s rough stuff. Personal recommendations are really the way to go. If there is an upscale hotel in your area, you can ask them what tailor they use for alterations. They will usually give you a respectable tailor. 

And don’t be turned off by the cleaner aspect. My tailor is attached to a cleaner, and he does excellent work.

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