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January 15, 2013

That’s That Pitt(i) I Don’t Like: 

Some shit I really hated to see in the Pitti street style circus. Let it be known that I am not insulting anyone here, just pointing out things that I personally think people should be wary of/look out for/are stupid. If it’s your thing, it’s your thing. Photos by Tommy Ton and Guerre.

Scarves That Look Like They’re Eating You (1 & 2): Street style photographers captured so many guys wearing scarves that covered a third of their body. A scarf is the easiest way to distort the silhouette of your body from any given angle. I’ve always been a drape, cross, and neatly tuck under my blazer kid of guy. Keeps the neck warm, and avaoids the whole “Holy shit you have an alien sucking your face/neck” thing. Also, the number of scarves that appeared to originate in the girls’ 4-9 section of Macy’s was surprisingly high.

That Shade of Blue That Lino Wears (2): That shade of blue is fantastic, for a shirt. Lino always wears some sort of jacket in that blue, and every time I cringe. He looks like a whale or an Alice In Wonderland character or a cartoon grandma or something. I don’t know, very put off by such a strong display of that blue.

Vests That Don’t Match/That Dude In General (3): Vests look awesome in a three piece suit. Awesome. However, make sure the fabric of the vest matches, if your jacket and pants do. It looks bad here. There’s no other way of putting it, unflattering and drawing a strange emphasis. Also, that dude came to that spot the night before, took out his protractor, and marked the appropriate arm height and angle on the wall for the next day. 

Flipping the Lapel of a Double Breasted Jacket/Coat (4): You will not meet a person who advocates the flipping of a lapel in cold weather more than I. You have to be careful with double breasted coats though. When the gap between the lapels of a blazer disappears (due to the extra fabric), the tie or v can disappear, leaving no vertical emphasis. This can end up looking real awkward.

Stupid Hats (5 & 6): Overly feminine, floppy, hill billy brims and caps that belong to eighteenth century railway conductors and small children look stupid. I’m sorry. Alex is a homie, but I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em. Some people can pull off hats, some can’t. Figure out what kind you can and if you should.

Putting Gloves/Glasses in a Coat’s Breast Pocket (7): I know you want to show us that glimpse of Persol acetate, but would your glasses be a little safer if you left the arm in? Isn’t that the point of putting them in your pocket? To protect them? Also, the whole gloves in pocket thing is tired. As well as not being good for the life of your jacket pocket, it doesn’t always look so good. If you’re not going to wear them, don’t bring them.  

Over-use of Similar Color and Pattern (8): Something can be said for simplicity, or at least the balance of simplicity and variety. Clothes tend to get lost when similar patterns and colors mix. 

Thom Browne (9): I just really hate Thom Browne and everything he makes. You can buy that red, white, and blue ribbon at the craft store for like ten cents a yard. Use your glue stick and put that shit on your Uniqlo oxford. He’s a one trick pony, and his trick fucking blows.

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