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May 6, 2013

Product Review: Hemp & Recycled Poly “Chambray” Shirt from Glasshouse Shirtmakers

I had recently been talking to Daniel Bernando, founder of Glasshouse Shirtmakers, and he was gracious enough to send me a shirt for review. If you haven’t heard of Glasshouse Shirtmakers, let me fill you in real quick; Glasshouse Shirtmakers is based in Chicago and offers ready to wear shirts that are all made in the U.S.A. with the good of environment in mind. They offer shirts in distinctive fabrics, good for work or the weekend. The first thing that really struck me about this company was the environmental conscience  That’s something that really important to me, and after speaking with Daniel and receiving my shirt, it was clear that this issue was at the top of his agenda.

I decided to go with the hemp “chambray”, because my chambray shirt suffered somewhat of a fatality last fall. Now I’ve never had a hemp shirt before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the fabric. When it arrived, the fabric was a little scratchy (as Daniel had told me), but after a wash and a few wears, the hemp became extremely soft. It really does feel great on the skin. The fabric itself is a great weave, creating a deep texture when examined closely. In terms of weight, the hemp is perfect for the transitional months and cool summer nights. 

As far as the fit goes, this shirt is more than on point. I’ve worn it both tucked in and untucked, and the body fits my torso almost perfectly, not too slim but without any extra/unwanted fabric. The sleeve openings are nice and fitted, and the sleeve length was great for me too. The collar is a point collar (which I admittedly do not wear that often), but I was absolutely fine with this one. 

If you’re like me, you care where and how your products are made. Not only does Glasshouse Shirtmakers make all of their products withion our borders, but they do so responsibly. That means a lot to me. Also, they make a damn nice shirt. 

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