The Pantalones
June 2, 2013

WIWT - 6/1/13

People always say that you only need a white t-shirt and jeans to be stylish, and if those two things fit, I agree completely. The heat yesterday was incredible, so it was jeans and a t-shirt for me.

This is my favorite t-shirt that I’ve ever owned, an enzyme washed cotton, made in America, by Commonwealth Proper. They did a really limited run of these last summer, and I was lucky enough to get one. Craig nailed the fit, with a boat neck and perfect sleeve length. The jeans are organic cotton Nudies that I’ve been wearing for about 3/4 of a year, and they’re starting to fade nicely. Threw on my Vans Eras (the greatest sneakers on the planet), grabbed my recently acquired American Deadstock shades, and called it a kit.ย 

Also, having red hair sometimes works in my favor.

I’ll be posting some more casual kits over the summer, seeing as I’ll be busy during the week with work. Keep an eye out for more like this. Photography by the man Matt Mance.ย 

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