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July 10, 2013

Product Review: John Doe Shoes Cap Toe Brogue

Finding quality made shoes on a college budget has always been a challenge for me. Investing in footwear that will last isn’t always the most convenient thing to do at a young and financially depleted age. However, last week I received an email from Anibal Ortiz, founder of John Doe Shoes. He explained that John Doe Shoes shipped goodyear welted leather footwear to your door for $135. 

Now, when someone tells you that, you have to be skeptical, and of course I was. John Doe Shoes offers five variations, including an oxford, a long wing, and a cap toe brogue (which I chose), that all were kind of hard to judge form the site. I wanted to wait until I saw the shoes in person to make any judgements, and when they arrived on my doorstep, I was more than surprised. I pulled a pair of extremely attractive shoes out of that box.

To start, the last on these things is incredible. It’s sleek, but not pointy; round but not bulbous. A good last is always my first order of business when looking at a shoe, and these exceeded the status quo. 

The second thing that impressed me was the sole, a leather forefront with rubber heel. I know in a perfect world the whole sole would be entirely leather, but we’re talking about a high quality shoe for $135. Also, I like a little bit of grip when it comes down to it. The sole is goodyear welted, which allows the shoe to be resoled easily, adds a bit of comfort, and is generally a sign of quality in footwear. After wearing these for the last three days, I can say that these cap toes are incredibly comfortable.

The thing that I am the most interested in is the leather. I’m curious as to how it will hold up and age. Of course, this is no Edward Green grade leather, but it is solid leather nonetheless. The stitching is also well done, assembled by a family owned factory in Mexico.

The bottom line here is that if you’re a college guy, or just someone who’s watching the budget, that cares about the quality of your shoes, you probably won’t find a better shoe at this price point. At $135 dollars for all five models, John Doe Shoes is offering a product that younger menswear guys need, quality leather shoes at an attainable price. 

Photos by the brother Matt Mance.

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