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December 11, 2013

Product Review: Beckett Simonon Goodyear Welted Bailey Chukka 

I’ve been in the market for a leather chukka boot for a while, and it was just my luck that the guys from Beckett Simonon sent me a pair of their Bailey Chukkas for review. Previous to my correspondence with Nick Hurtado (co-founder of Beckett Simonon) I had glanced over the company’s site once or twice, without doing any in depth research. The shoes that I saw looked attractive, but of course, judging shoes without talking to someone or seeing them in person is a risky business. 

If you aren’t familiar with Beckett Simonon, as I once was, I’ll fill you in. Beckett Simonon offers two lines of shoes, one goodyear welted line and one brick-soled chukka line, for very reasonable prices. The brick-soled chukkas are comparable to a Clarks Desert Boot, and the goodyear welted line includes, two colors of chukka, two oxfords, a penny loafer, a chelsea boot, a double monk, a derby, and a long wing. Basically, they cover all the basics in the modern menswear shoe game. Obviously, the goodyear welted shoes are a bit more expensive (although not expensive at all) coming in around $139 dollars each, while the brick-soled boots go for about $80 - $100. Both price ranges are very approachable for college kids like me, so I wanted to see what kind of product was attached to that price tag.

First off, the chukkas came with an extra pair of laces, a plastic shoe horn, a small note book, and nice note from Nick. That’s obviously not a make or break aspect, but it’s a nice little touch worth mentioning. With the shoes themselves I was pleasantly surprised, and they inspired a few main talking points. 

The first thing I examined was the leather. I want to say this straight off: these are not Edward Green or John Lobb shoes. The leather quality isn’t close to comparable, but remember that you’re paying $139 dollars for these. That being said, the full grain leather that Beckett Simonon uses inside and out was pretty on point with the price range. Also, Nick had informed me that they had just upgraded the quality of their leather after their shoes were reviewed by Derek on Put This On. Visibly, the leather was not cheap-looking, and the burnished toe and heel gave it a nice bit of depth. 

My second inspection was that of the last. The shape of the chukka was comparable to the shape of a Clarks Desert Boot, by no means pointy but still shapely. There was no indication that this shoe was meant for more formal occasions; the last dictated a certain casual nature about the shoe. Nick had also told me that, as was the case with the leather, the last of their shoes was updated and slimmed a bit after Derek’s suggestions were brought to light in his review. Overall, the last was attractive, and the shoe was comfortable, two necessities for me when deciding if a shoe is wearable. 

What it comes down to, however, is the price, and if I would recommend these to you guys reading this review. I’ll be honest: this shoe appeals to a budget conscious menswear enthusiast, a college kid who may be just as concerned with funding his weekend drinking extravaganzas and keeping some sort of food in the fridge. For that kind of person, such as myself, I think these shoes are a pefectly justifiabe option. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship, although not on par with any $1,000 pair of leather shoes, blows anything you’d find at this price range out of the water. Buying something at the mall just wouldn’t be a smart move when you could order these at the same price. 

After all, they have free shipping and returns, so it won’t be an expensive return if by some chance you don’t like the shoes. It’s also nice that they offer a one-year warranty on all their shoes. If you’re a younger guy who has to keep an eye on the checking account balance at all times, I think you should give Beckett Simonon a shot for your next shoe purchase. Their price is extremely attractive, leaving room for a few six packs that weekend, and the shoe itself is worth the price. I for one, have been wearing these with navy chinos all week. Just be careful on the ice with new leather soles; that’s a dangerous game. 

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