The Pantalones
May 29, 2014

Gotta Get Away - The Black Keys

Auerbach’s divorce, as panful as it was for him, did very well for this album. This track is fire flames. 

January 4, 2012
"Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world,” he says, blowing cigarette smoke out the window of his rented East Village loft a few days before the band heads to L.A. “So they became OK with the idea that the biggest rock band in the world is always going to be shit – therefore you should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world. Fuck that! Rock & roll is the music I feel the most passionately about, and I don’t like to see it fucking ruined and spoon-fed down our throats in this watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous shit. When people start lumping us into that kind of shit, it’s like, ‘Fuck you,’ honestly."

— Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, via Rolling Stone - Thanks go out to Claire for showing this to me. This is exactly how I feel about Rock & Roll at this moment in time. 

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