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December 4, 2012

Night Court - Action Bronson

I’ve said it many times before:

If you’re not on it, get on it.

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April 24, 2012
Black Stilletos and The Pantalones present: The Spring Tracklist

This is a mix of tracks, curated by Margarita and myself, for your listening pleasure. We tried to stay pretty far away from your usual radio hip-hop bullshit and give you something a little more real. You’ll find some tracks familiar and some not so familiar, but regardless of the notoriety, these are tracks that make us feel good. Get this tape going and crack a cold one, freestyle in the mirror, throw your illest b-boy stance, lay in the grass, bump it in your car, or do whatever the hell you want. Just make sure you enjoy it.

The Spring Tracklist:

  • Intro
  • Lynguistics | Cunninlynguists
  • RewindRhyme | Gorilla Warfare Tactics
  • Work | Gang Starr
  • Big Bank Hank | Blue Scholars
  • I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman | K-OS
  • Forest Whitaker | Brother Ali
  • The Past Time | Language Arts Crew
  • Can I Kick It | A Tribe Called Quest
  • Ray Charles | Chiddy Bang
  • Stage Dive | Sol
  • Re-Fresh | Common Market
  • I’ve Been Down | Sweatshop Union
  • Quit While You’re Ahead (ft. Choclair, Maestro, Fresh-Wes & Moka Only) | Classified
  • Got To Have It | Method Man
  • LittleManBigCity (ft. Maggie Brown) | Sam Lachow
  • Late For The Sky (ft. Slug & Aesop Rock) | Evidence
  • I Said Hey | Macklemore

Stream/Download Mixtape

Download Separated Tracks 

April 13, 2012

Holy shit.

My roommate and I just geeked out watching this.

Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap comes out June 15th.

April 10, 2012

If this wasn’t a menswear blog, it would be a Macklemore appreciation blog.

Video for the new track from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

January 19, 2012

Sunshine - Mos Def

One of the greatest.

Made it go without a brand new car/
Made it fresh without a brand new song/
And give a fuck about what brand you are/
I’m concerned what type of man you are/

January 13, 2012

Hollywood Shampoo - Champagne Champagne

Saw these guys open for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Champagne Champagne = Funky dudes from Seattle that absolutely kill it.

January 9, 2012

Can’t Wait (Prod. CJ Luzzi & EM Ricchini) - OnCue

Just in case you are not aware or don’t believe it, let me formally establish and reassure:

OnCue is going to blow up.

January 8, 2012

Sunshine - Atmosphere

It’s a beautiful Sunday. I had to.

This makes me happy, no matter the situation.

December 28, 2011

Cold War (Instrumental) [Lil B] - Clams Casino

The extremely talented producer and New Jersey native Clams Casino just released a full mastered version of his acclaimed mix-tape Instrumentals. I love this track, but there are so many great beats here, download it.

December 7, 2011

Make The Money - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Saw these two perform last night at The Bowery Ballroom, and I can confidently say it was the best show I have ever seen. They opened up with this track and carried the energy for the entirety of the night. Macklemore is not to be compared to Mac Miller, Sammy Adams, or any of those frat-rap weed rappers. He is, in my opinion, one of the most sincere, creative, and talented artists and lyricists currently producing music. He’s a game changer and extremely inspiring. It also doesn’t hurt that Ryan Lewis kills every beat he produces.

He dropped a couple new tracks last night, and I cannot wait for the newest album.

December 3, 2011
Go check out my interview with XV

Me and my friends Keith and Greg got to sit down with XV on Wednesday and interview him for 201 Check it out.

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December 3, 2011

Work - Gang Starr

One of my favorite tracks from one of the greatest duos in hip-hop history. Premiere creates the nastiest beats, and Guru has such an unmistakable flow. This is real hip-hop.

December 1, 2011

Last night was absolutely insane. Grieves and BudoK Flay, and XV played a show at my school, and I got to take some awesome pictures. I was allowed to go in during soundcheck and chill with everyone. I ended up giving Grieves, Budo and XV some of the shirts that I design and sell, and Grieves ended up rocking one during the show.

We also got to chill with and interview XV, and I have to say I want to see this dude make it big. He was an extremely cool and sincere guy, and some of his stories were insane. He even gave Keith his personal number, so we can get in touch with him about the interview and photographs. The interview will be up at my friend’s music blog 201 Beats (it’s an amazing blog, check it out) relatively soon, so look out for it.

I’m so glad I got to take these pictures, and I will definitely never forget this night.

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