The Pantalones
November 10, 2011
The Newest J.Crew Men’s Shop

An interesting fact was brought to my attention while reading through some new posts over at the Esquire web site. There are only 235 J. Crew stores (including Men’s Shops) in the nation. That’s about 4.7 stores per state. If you factor in the concentrated number of stores in the Northeast states, that dilutes the presence in the rest of the country even further. I’ve always had the impression that J.Crew is a much larger brand than it really is.

The 235th J. Crew was just opened in the shops at Columbus Circle, and it is in fact a Men’s Shop. The J.Crew men’s shops feature a number of third party brands and collaborations. The new store will house Japanese shirts from KATO, shoes by Fratelli Rosetti, and a collection of bags made from old mail sacks and denim, by Jeff Ricker. The shop will also feature it’s normal features and collaborations with brands like Alden. The shop will be furnished in an undeniably manly way, and the shop will feel like an independent boutique, run by a company with a lot less than 235 stores.


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