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August 7, 2014
Awl & Sundry Handmade Custom Footwear


I haven’t been writing reviews on the blog lately, because there haven’t been many new products that I’ve been truly excited about experiencing first hand. As you can see, I’m reviewing Awl & Sundry now, and I’m definitely excited. 

We all know that custom menswear is huge right now. There are a number of new custom shirt and suit makers popping up every few months, whether they be online or brick and mortar shops. The risk is always the quality of the product, which varies very drastically. The same opportunities and risks have recently become present in the footwear market as well; however, Awl & Sundry has proven that quality isn’t an issue at all. These guys produce custom, handmade, full grain leather shoes, finished with a hand-sewn Goodyear welt. Every pair is made to order, and is customizable down to the last detail. 

The selection of options really impressed the hell out of me. There are five lasts to choose from, as well as four styles (derby, loafer, monkstrap, and oxford) to set as the base of your shoe. Once you pass the initial options, there are variety of options to add to the vamp, eye stay, toe, and foxing. After that, the full grain leather options are vast, including a variety of colors in plain calf, calf grain, calf suede, alligator, and ostrich. The laces and stitching are also color customizable, and all of the options I’ve listed above are intuitively visualized in a great 3D display that updates as you create your shoe online. 


I posted a while ago that I had ordered a pair of custom, grain leather double monks, and I received them in the mail a few weeks ago. To my delight, they were absolutely beautiful. The quality of the leather was the first thing that I noticed, superbly smooth to the touch and visibly striking. The grain of the leather that I chose is subtle enough not to be overbearing but still present enough to make a distinction, and it was handled and stitched beautifully. The last really showed off the leather quite well, with a rounded toe and slim body. There were no visible flaws in the handwork on the shoes, including the Goodyear welt, and the shine and polish of the leather on the outer and sole were both on point. 


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April 24, 2014

Lotuff Leather Spring/Summer 2014

The Lotuff team headed down to Marfa, Texas to shoot this look book as an exclusive for Barney’s.

March 11, 2014

Tung To, owner of ToBox Shoes on 19th St. in Center City Philadelphia:

If you guys haven’t been over to ToBox shoes, please do so immediately. It’s one of the most impressive shoe boutiques to which I’ve ever been. The selection of English, French, and Italian leather shoes is amazing.

Also, you’ll get to meet Mr. and Mrs. To, the owners and operators. Here you can see Tung sporting an awesome green/blue/brown colored kit, featuring a scarf that his wife made by hand, as she does with all of the pocket squares, bracelets, and lapel flowers sold in the shop.

Like I said, get over to ToBox immediately.


January 7, 2014

Herring Shoes Sale:

If any of you have asked me for tight budget shoe recommendations, chances are pretty high that I mentioned Herring Shoes. Herring is a UK based shoe retailer that carries offerings from high-quality footwear brands, as well as their own house label. They are currently having one of their annual winter sales, and there are some awesome discounts on some incredible shoes. I picked out a few of my favorites and listed them below (keep in mind that stock varies from size to size): 

Herring Stow Suede Brogue Boots - $635 / $275 - These boots are made in Northampton England at the R.E. Tricker’s factory, the same plant that produces all of the Tricker’s line. If you’re looking for an awesome pair of boots to dress up a bit, these are prime. Full suede upper and Dainite Rubber sole, available in multiple colorways.

Church Prague Suede Penny Loafer - $495 / $285 - These are just a killer pair of loafers at an awesome entry level price for Church’s shoes.

Loake Jack Suede Brogue - $265 / $155 - These are an incredible deal, and they’re one of the most appropriate and versatile shoes for the coming spring season. Full leather upper and Goodyear welted leather sole.

Alfred Sargent Thompson Suede Monk Strap - $635 / $325 - These shoes are incredible. This is top tier quality at a very approachable price. I’ve always liked AS monks, and the Dainite Rubber sole on these takes them to another level. 

Herring Ferndown Leather Oxford - $305 / $190 - Lastly, a whole cut oxford offering for someone looking to get into a sleek pair of shoes. I like the green of this leather a lot, and the brogue style decoration is a great touch to a whole cut shoe. Goodyear welted and made in Spain, also available in brown. 

As a final note, I’d just like to comment on the quality of Herring’s customer assistance and experience. This brand is all about doing menswear the right way. They in no way sponsored this post, but I felt the need to let you guys know how happy I’ve been with my experiences. 

Also, the prices I’ve listed include shipping to the U.S.A. and exclude VAT taxes.

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December 30, 2013

Some pretty rugged, and attractive, boot offerings from the latest collection from Heschung. There are a lot of contrasting styles going on here, but for some reason, I don’t seem to have a problem with it. It’s a pretty nice juxtaposition. 


December 11, 2013

Product Review: Beckett Simonon Goodyear Welted Bailey Chukka 

I’ve been in the market for a leather chukka boot for a while, and it was just my luck that the guys from Beckett Simonon sent me a pair of their Bailey Chukkas for review. Previous to my correspondence with Nick Hurtado (co-founder of Beckett Simonon) I had glanced over the company’s site once or twice, without doing any in depth research. The shoes that I saw looked attractive, but of course, judging shoes without talking to someone or seeing them in person is a risky business. 

If you aren’t familiar with Beckett Simonon, as I once was, I’ll fill you in. Beckett Simonon offers two lines of shoes, one goodyear welted line and one brick-soled chukka line, for very reasonable prices. The brick-soled chukkas are comparable to a Clarks Desert Boot, and the goodyear welted line includes, two colors of chukka, two oxfords, a penny loafer, a chelsea boot, a double monk, a derby, and a long wing. Basically, they cover all the basics in the modern menswear shoe game. Obviously, the goodyear welted shoes are a bit more expensive (although not expensive at all) coming in around $139 dollars each, while the brick-soled boots go for about $80 - $100. Both price ranges are very approachable for college kids like me, so I wanted to see what kind of product was attached to that price tag.

First off, the chukkas came with an extra pair of laces, a plastic shoe horn, a small note book, and nice note from Nick. That’s obviously not a make or break aspect, but it’s a nice little touch worth mentioning. With the shoes themselves I was pleasantly surprised, and they inspired a few main talking points. 

The first thing I examined was the leather. I want to say this straight off: these are not Edward Green or John Lobb shoes. The leather quality isn’t close to comparable, but remember that you’re paying $139 dollars for these. That being said, the full grain leather that Beckett Simonon uses inside and out was pretty on point with the price range. Also, Nick had informed me that they had just upgraded the quality of their leather after their shoes were reviewed by Derek on Put This On. Visibly, the leather was not cheap-looking, and the burnished toe and heel gave it a nice bit of depth. 

My second inspection was that of the last. The shape of the chukka was comparable to the shape of a Clarks Desert Boot, by no means pointy but still shapely. There was no indication that this shoe was meant for more formal occasions; the last dictated a certain casual nature about the shoe. Nick had also told me that, as was the case with the leather, the last of their shoes was updated and slimmed a bit after Derek’s suggestions were brought to light in his review. Overall, the last was attractive, and the shoe was comfortable, two necessities for me when deciding if a shoe is wearable. 

What it comes down to, however, is the price, and if I would recommend these to you guys reading this review. I’ll be honest: this shoe appeals to a budget conscious menswear enthusiast, a college kid who may be just as concerned with funding his weekend drinking extravaganzas and keeping some sort of food in the fridge. For that kind of person, such as myself, I think these shoes are a pefectly justifiabe option. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship, although not on par with any $1,000 pair of leather shoes, blows anything you’d find at this price range out of the water. Buying something at the mall just wouldn’t be a smart move when you could order these at the same price. 

After all, they have free shipping and returns, so it won’t be an expensive return if by some chance you don’t like the shoes. It’s also nice that they offer a one-year warranty on all their shoes. If you’re a younger guy who has to keep an eye on the checking account balance at all times, I think you should give Beckett Simonon a shot for your next shoe purchase. Their price is extremely attractive, leaving room for a few six packs that weekend, and the shoe itself is worth the price. I for one, have been wearing these with navy chinos all week. Just be careful on the ice with new leather soles; that’s a dangerous game. 

October 28, 2013



October 7, 2013



July 29, 2013

Daniele Ruffa Fall/Winter 2013


May 21, 2013

Fantastic campaign from Lotuff Leather.


May 9, 2013

Copper foil embossed wallet from Draught Dry Goods.


April 29, 2013

A ot of people feel hesitant spending money on things such as luggage tags, but I have always felt that presenting myself in an impressive manner is most important while traveling. 

If you want to step up your game in the luggage department, try snagging something like these luggage tags from Tanner Goods. They come with the ACL seal of approval, and I think that they’re incredibly beautiful. 


February 16, 2013
That stitch.


That stitch.

February 13, 2013

Merola Gloves


January 2, 2013

Viberg Service Boot

If anyone wants to buy these for me, I’d be alright with that.


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