The Pantalones
August 1, 2012

I’m sorry. I am just in love with this campaign, so I will keep posting these videos.

This is absolutely fantastic. Nike is killing it from an inspirational standpoint, as well as a marketing standpoint. Also, this is the kind of thing kids people in America need to see right now. Big ups to whoever spearheaded the Find Your Greatness campaign.

December 13, 2011


Mr. Porter does not mess around when it comes to welcoming first-time buyers.

It all seems a bit excessive (though the complimentary pocket square was a nice touch), but they deserve credit for thinking through the customer experience all the way to opening the package.

I am literally studying about this right now. It’s called loyalty segmentation and retention. It’s a marketing strategy based on retaining customers by displaying your commitment to their patronage. Mr. Porter wants to bring you back again, by showing you that they care about your satisfaction.

It is pretty cool that they give you a pocket square.

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