The Pantalones
November 11, 2011

I picked this bag up from Gilt about three months ago. I bought it to use as a school bag, and after using it for exactly that purpose for two and a half months, I couldn’t be happier. The bag is made by a smaller brand called Matt and Nat, a completely vegan baggage label. First of all, I did not buy this bag because I am a vegan or practice any vegan eating habits. I am not, and I do not. I love meat. I’m not even a “go green” enthusiast. However, it is pretty cool to say that the “leather” exterior and “suede” interior of your bag is made from 42 recycled plastic water bottles.

All around this is a fantastic bag and purchase. The quality and craftmanship are top-notch. I know that I will have this bag for a while. Also, despite the unorthodox materials, the faux leather is ultra soft, and the faux-suede inner feels something like heaven.  It has more than enough room to store my laptop, hard drive, pens, a few folders, and a text book at the same time, and there are numerous pockets and sealed compartments. Another nice feature is the option to use the over-the-shoulder strap or just carry it by the handles. This retails for about $250, but I snagged it from Gilt for $110.

I get compliments on the bag constantly. I was more than pleased with my purchase and encourage you to check out Matt & Nat in the future.

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