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November 21, 2012
The Pantalones Sits Down With Maine’s Rancourt & Co.:

Interview Series No. 5 -
The words “quality” and “heritage” are thrown around the menswear community a lot; maybe even enough to dilute their true meanings. However, when you have shoes that are made to order in Maine, by a family who has been doing it for over fifty years, it’s hard to think of two words better to describe a product of such beauty. Those shoes belong to a fantastic company named Rancourt & Co. I was lucky enough to get to chat with Kyle Rancourt and learn a little bit more about the brand and the beautiful shoes they produce. Enjoy:

What is your name and position at Rancourt & Co.?

Kyle Rancourt. Vice President, in charge of sales, marketing, and brand direction.

What kind of product does Rancourt & Co. produce?

We produce leather footwear, specifically genuine handsewns and Blake welt stitch constructions. We specialize in hand sewn shell cordovan. All of our shoes are crafted by hand and are completely re-soleable. 

What kind of guy would wear shoes made by Rancourt & Co.?

The truth is I think any guy could wear our shoes, our product offering is becoming so diverse that I believe there is something for everyone. However, our customer is one who cares about quality, heritage, and service.

I understand that Rancourt is a multi-generational family business. What is the story of Rancourt & Co.?

My grandfather emigrated from Quebec when he was a young man to work in a shoe factory. He eventually started his own shop which transformed from a moccasin shop to a fully function shoe factory when my Dad joined him in the early 80’s. Being a contract manufacturer for larger brands, their companies were bought and sold a couple of times. Over three years ago my father and I decided to buy back some of the assets from the company he sold to and start Rancourt & Co.. Over the years my Dad has worked with the likes of Cole-Haan and Allen-Edmonds, traveling the world and learning about every aspect of the shoe business. This is the knowledge and experience that is embodied in our company today.

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