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July 7, 2014

Recent Pick-Ups

Brown additions to the wardrobe, via Yoox:

  • Piombo Linen Popover
  • Manebí Suede Espadrilles

The best thing about cleaning out your wardrobe is having the guap to fill it back up again. It was definitely time for a new pair of ‘drilles. Three of my four pairs are on the brink of death, and there is no such thing as too much linen. 

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July 1, 2014

Recent Pick-Ups: Glanshirt Horizontal Stripe Popover

Just snagged this via Yoox. I’ve been looking for a horizontal striped button-up for a while now, and I was lucky enough to find this cotton one, with spread collar and chest pocket, as a popover. My summer shirt game has been super rad, but this just pushed it to super gnarly. 


June 24, 2014
Michael Bastian Linen/Cotton Spread Collar
That collar/cuff detailing.

Michael Bastian Linen/Cotton Spread Collar

That collar/cuff detailing.

June 11, 2014

Farfetch Sale: Summer Shirt Filter by Yours Truly

I’m not sure if you guys are familiar with the web shop Farfetch, but if you’re not, it is basically a middle man that partners with boutiques across the globe to ship pieces that aren’t very widely available to menswear nerds in need. They have a very impressive range of designers and labels available, and they are conveniently holding a sale right now with discounts averaging around 30-40% off.

I’ve been in the market for some casual summer shirts, so I’ve spent a good couple hours looking through a bunch of shirting options in the sale. I eventually pulled the trigger on the Hartford garment dyed linen Mandarin collar jawn above, but in a freak set of circumstances my size sold out as I was checking out. Some bastard is wearing my shirt, and I want some goddamn justice. 

Anyway, I’ve compiled a link that has filtered out a bunch of shirts and left only my picks for understated, casual, lightweight summer shirting. It features pieces from labels like Brunello Cucinelli, Hartford, Glanshirt, Acne Studios, Canali, and several more of the like. There are some pretty great prices in here, alongside some still expensive joints, but you should be able to find something good to get you through the next few months.

You guys can access the filter here.

Also, I think if you mention my name, Alex Delany, at checkout you should get free shipping? Haven’t confirmed this with anyone yet.

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June 9, 2014
Sid Mashburn Cotton/Linen Bengal Stripe Popover

Sid Mashburn Cotton/Linen Bengal Stripe Popover


June 7, 2014

Rose & Born Knit Cotton Offerings:

  • Blouson
  • Jersey Button-Up
  • Polo

I feel as though knit cotton, including pique, is one of the most underutilized fabrics in menswear. It’s weight is extremely versatile, and its sturdiness lends itself beautifully to creating a worn and “lived in” look to a garment with repeated wash and wear. Cotton knits, including long-sleeve shirts and shawl neck pullovers are in constant rotation in my summer wardrobe.

Rose & Born seems to know what’s up, utilizing it in ways other than (and including) the classic short-sleeve polo.


June 4, 2014

Carson Street Clothiers Sale

There’s some really great stuff on sale over at CSC. Brands like Eidos, CSC, Salvatore Piccolo, Drake’s, and Man 1924, as well as a range of other house favorites, are on heavy discount. I was in the shop yesterday and picked a few of my favorites (pictured above), but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Definitely check out the goods at Carson Street before you pull the trigger on any pieces over at the Mr. Porter sale.

June 3, 2014

Mr. Porter Seasonal Sale Picks

So as you guys probably know, the Mr. Porter seasonal sale is in full effect, and the legions of menswear nerds are checking their credit card balances and stocking up on ramen. I’ve already snagged a pair of Hartford linen draw string trousers, included on the list below, but I figured I’d put together a little list to show you guys what else I like, because I like you guys (and have nothing better to do with my time). 

I’ve focused on some summer wardrobe building blocks in this list, and I tried to keep the pieces in a reasonable price range. There’s a lot of stuff on sale right now that is still ridiculously expensive. I chose my five favorite pieces that are still (for the most part) approachable in price for each major category. Hopefully this list can inspire a younger menswear enthusiast and help him snag some pieces to get that luxe summer wardrobe started and expanded. Baby steps, grasshopper; baby steps. 

Casual Shirts:




Coats and Jackets: 

Blazers and Suits:



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June 2, 2014

Hartford Spring/Summer 2014

I don’t know what it is, but the spring/summer season always leaves me wanting to remove all patterns from my wardrobe. I tend to wear almost exclusive solids, with the exception of some stripes in my warm weather kits. Maybe it’s the way the sun illuminates a solid fabric, the lack of layers, the way that the simplicity echoes the relaxed lifestyle, or the fact that I’m just delusional. Whatever it may be, I always gravitate toward solids when it comes to my spring/summer kits. The warmer the weather, the fewer the number of pieces I’m wearing at once, and I think that solids give the most striking visual effect in that manner.

I’m also a huge fan of linen, wearing it at basically any point I can. The French dudes over at Hartford apparently like linen too, and it has a huge presence in their current collection. I’ve been a fan of Hartford for a few years now, but their most recent collection fits perfectly with the way I like to wear my clothes in the warmer months, a beautiful collection of solids with a large number of linen appearances. 

These two pieces above, a garment dyed linen shirt and drawstring linen pants, are particular favorites. If you guys have followed this blog for a while, you also know that navy and olive is one of my favorite color combinations. I’d very much like to have both of these pieces in my wardrobe, but that kind of money isn’t in the cards right now. However, I did just snag a white pair of the above pants that was on 50% sale at Mr. Porter right now, so that was clutch. I’ve been very into the drawstring trousers lately, and I couldn’t pass these up. I’ll let you guys know how they are. 

Images via Mr. Porter.

June 2, 2014

Salvatore Piccolo Spring/Summer Blues

Salvatore Piccolo always has the most incredible shirting fabrics.


April 19, 2014

Norse Projects Warm Cotton Shirt

Damn. This is really, really good. 

Want/need for cool summer nights. 


April 3, 2014

Remi Relief Patchwork Denim Shirt

This Japanese company is coming out with some pretty solid stuff. 

April 3, 2014

Glanshirt Linen/Cotton Printed Popover

I don’t know if I could pull this shirt off, despite its general gnarliness. I picked up this same popover in a cream color and 100% linen fabric a while ago, and I will encourage anyone who messes with the floral printed jawnz to snag this immediately. Glanshirt knows what’s up for spring/summer “fuck you” vibes. 

March 13, 2014

Glanshirt Linen/Cotton

February 25, 2014

Cleeve of London for Drake’s


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