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March 11, 2013

The Elite Club just rolled out with a new tee to be sold to help raise money for our inner-city kids in Trenton. A percentage of profits goes to improving the quality of education for Trenton middle schoolers at Hedgepeth Williams. In 1944 Hedgepeth Williams was the first school in America to desegregate and allow black students in a white middle school, desegregating before Brown vs. Board of Ed. and eventually facilitating that case. That’s pretty awesome.

This is the toughest t-shirt that I own.

November 26, 2012

I’ve posted about friends I’ve made via this blog before (some on campus, and some off), and I’ve definitely posted about these two people before. Regardless, the cats you see here are Albert and Laura, and they’re my extremely good friends. I met both of them last year when I became a part of The Elite Club, a brand that sells and restores high-quality vintage clothing and gives a percentage of profits to our youth development program in Trenton. Al and Laura are always there to talk style with me, and they always have fresh ideas on marketing and branding (which I love). We were hanging out the other day, and it kind of turned into a little photo shoot. Always a good time when hanging with The Elite Club.

Lone WIWT post later.

Photography by the man Warren Fields.

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November 14, 2012


The Elite Club provides vintage products without the hassle of having to undergo the time consuming process of rummaging through the congested and often unorganized conventional local thrift store. Equally important, Elite simultaneously helps inner-city students by using a percent of the profits from online sales to fund our youth mentoring program. The other portion is returned into equity.

You might remember that I posted about a Pop-Up Shop that a group I’m involved with, The Elite Club, was organizing about a month ago. Well, that pop-up happened, and it went beautifully. We made over a thousand bucks, and we used a percentage of it to help  kids in Trenton with their education. There’s nothing better than that. The Elite club is a style blog/philanthropy/vintage clothing resale company, and we love what we do. Check out the video that was shot of the event.

That’s me handling those fat stacks of Jacksons.

October 2, 2012
If you’re on campus, stop by.
Pick up some vintage threads and support an amazing cause.

If you’re on campus, stop by.

Pick up some vintage threads and support an amazing cause.

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June 8, 2012

Yo. Ant and Al are the real Gs in the game.


April 14, 2012

Hanging around campus with The ELITE Club.

Check out their blog. Awesome people. Awesome cause.

Also, Ant (denim jacket) may be the sartorial second coming (maybe simultaneous coming?) of CB.

March 28, 2012

I’m part of an organization/company/brand/philanthropy called The ELITE Club, and on Monday we set up a little pop-up shop in the student center at our school. The ELITE Club searches endless thrift stores to find the pieces of clothing that people really want, and then we clean them and modify them if need be. We find things that exemplify the aesthetic of the brand. However, the best thing about the organization is that half of our profits go to inner-city youth in Trenton. We help enrich their education and learning experiences, and that’s what it’s really all about.

Ant and Al consistently kill it with their own personal styles, and you can really see that translated into the brand. We had an amazing turnout to the pop-up shop, and we are truly humbled by all of the supporters. Check out The ELITE Club’s blog.

March 1, 2012


“ The Elite Club’s philanthropic initiative is designed to empower inner-city youth through mentorship.”

shot by: @oomhmf

The ELITE Club is an organization started by students at TCNJ, and I’m lucky enough to be doing some work with them. Albert and Ant are both awesome dudes, and it’s always great to sit down and talk style with them. They just put out a new post with some great photography and videography, so definitely check it out on The ELITE Club’s blog, and give them a follow. 

A very stylish blog, for a very good cause.

January 30, 2012

WIWT(Y) - Yesterday I met up with the brother Albert of The ELITE Club, an organization based at my school. They run a community service and outreach organization, that doubles as a style blog. Albert, as well as the other dudes who run the site, are some of the most stylish guys on campus. He showed up rocking some Red Wings, a killer contrast collar, beaded bracelets from Nicaragua, and textured plaid tie, among other things. Awesome dude, from an awesome group of people.

The kit I wore was one of my favorites that I’ve shot for a WIWT. I was on a strictly brown and blue color scheme. I suited up with an deconstructed blazer, floral pocket square, triple stripe cut-away collar, and raw ilk tie. Once again, it was warm enough to wear a blazer without a jacket. Look for a full feature from The ELITE Club on Wednesday.

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