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April 18, 2014

Just Ordered: Awl & Sundry

We all know that custom menswear is huge right now. There are a number of new custom shirt and suit makers popping up every few months, whether they be online or brick and mortar shops. The risk is always the quality of the product, which varies very drastically. That being said, I have two things to tell you: the online custom option has extended to shoes, and the custom shoes produced by Awl & Sundry look absolutely incredible. 

These guys produce custom, handmade, full grain leather shoes, finished with a hand-sewn Goodyear welt. Every pair is made to order, and is customizable down to the last detail. From the videos and photos, the quality looks excellent.

The selection of options really impressed the hell out of me. There are five lasts to choose from, as well as four styles (derby, loafer, monkstrap, and oxford) to set as the base of your shoe. Once you pass the initial options, there are variety of options to add to the vamp, eye stay, toe, and foxing. After that, the full grain leather options are vast, including a variety of colors in plain calf, calf grain, calf suede, alligator, and ostrich. The laces and stitching are also color customizable, and all of the options I’ve listed above are intuitively visualized in a great 3D display that updates as you create your shoe online. 

I ordered a pair of calf grain dub monks (shown above) that I am very excited to have show up on my porch. I think these textured shoes will be gnarly for the coming months. The shoes also come with shoe trees and a shoe horn, and they’ll run you $350, a very solid price for a custom pair of handmade shoes, as well as said accessories. 

I’ll let you guys know when these bad boys show up, and I’ll be posting some photos and a further review. 

April 17, 2014
Interview Kit: Navy / White / Gray
Suitsupply / Modern Tailor / Cravatta Pelliano / The Tie Bar / Tissot

Interview Kit: Navy / White / Gray

Suitsupply / Modern Tailor / Cravatta Pelliano / The Tie Bar / Tissot

April 17, 2014

New batch of Bastian x Uniqlo polos dropped. There are a bunch of solid ones in here, but the tan/white/maroon one is my favorite by far. That collar is great. Also, there are some pretty heavy sirfenimore baseball vibes in here. 

You can still snag the polos from the first batch too. 

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April 17, 2014

Boglioli Spring/Summer 2014:

Boglioli is still my favorite menswear company doing blazers and jackets. Their incredible selection of fabrics, paired with soft tailoring will always be a source of inspiration in my personal wardrobe, regardless of season. In my opinion, no one does a casual jacket better.

I’ve got two Boglioli jackets in my wardrobe right now, and I hope to pick up a few more before I die. 


April 16, 2014

For Sale

I know I’ve hit you guys with this link a few times, but I really want to get rid of this stuff, and I’ve discounted a bunch of these pieces. Check them out on my Grailed page.

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April 14, 2014

Spring/Summer Inspiration:

Cairo, 1936

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April 11, 2014

Ikiré Jones S/S ‘14: The Untold Renaissance

Wale absolutely killed it with this one. Having seen these jackets in person, I cannot even begin to describe the gnarliness of these pieces. It’s great to see someone like Wale holding it down for the city of Philadelphia. 

Also, I’ve tried on that belted yellow safari jacket, and I haven’t wanted to wear anything else for S/S since that moment. One of the most incredible lightweight outerwear pieces with which I’ve ever come in contact.

Check out the photos and pieces here.

April 8, 2014

Perfect Spring/Summer Kit:

Someone needs to kick the shit out of this cold, so I can wear all my linen and cotton and silk and espadrilles. 

  • Printed Cotton Blazer - Montedoro
  • Detachable Front Shades - Garrett Leight California Optical
  • Cotton Shirt - Brioni
  • Printed Silk Pocket Square - MP di Massimo Piombo
  • Cotton Trousers - Oliver Spencer
  • Canvas Espadrilles - Castañer

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April 7, 2014

Shots from clairefoley's disposable during my recent trip to her beautiful house at UNC Chapel Hill. Highlights include said house, expeditions to book stores, and an incredible time at the Alpha Chi Omega formal.

Bookstore shot:

  • Rugby - Kent Wang
  • Jeans - RPMWEST
  • Brogues - John Doe Shoes

Formal shot:

  • Suit - Suitsupply
  • Oxford Shirt - Proper Cloth
  • Raw Silk Tie - Commonwealth Proper
  • Cotton Square - The Tie Bar
  • Whiskey - Bushmills

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April 7, 2014

Some new jawnz just dropped over at The Knottery, including a new batch of Grenadines and a bunch of gnarly silk printed squares.

I’ve got it from an inside source (read Jay) that this collection is going to be pretty incredible, so keep an eye out for more Spring/Summer pieces dropping in the near future. 


April 3, 2014


I’m selling some clothing, so head over to my Grailed Page to see what’s up for coppage. There are going to be some more additions over the next few days, so keep an eye out.

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April 3, 2014

Remi Relief Patchwork Denim Shirt

This Japanese company is coming out with some pretty solid stuff. 

April 3, 2014

Glanshirt Linen/Cotton Printed Popover

I don’t know if I could pull this shirt off, despite its general gnarliness. I picked up this same popover in a cream color and 100% linen fabric a while ago, and I will encourage anyone who messes with the floral printed jawnz to snag this immediately. Glanshirt knows what’s up for spring/summer “fuck you” vibes. 

March 31, 2014
Just got this killer cotton knit in the mail from @steam_horse. It’s finished with leather buttons and made in America. Gnarly lightweight knit piece. #menswear  (at Pingree)

Just got this killer cotton knit in the mail from @steam_horse. It’s finished with leather buttons and made in America. Gnarly lightweight knit piece. #menswear (at Pingree)

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March 25, 2014

Massimo Alba Unstructured Linen

Textured Weave / Peak Lapels / Jet Pockets / Race Cars

Haven’t seen a more gnarly S/S ‘14 jacket.

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